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The Top 3 Drivers of a Successful Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy

Margie Barclay, VP of Account Management at TapClicks, guides us through designing an omni-channel strategy for new customer acquisition. Buyers change their behaviors and engage differently on different devices. Understand and have confidence in the multi-channel consumer journey and how it’s driving revenue with this webinar.

The webinar covers:

  • Measure the impact of each touch in your omni-channel journey
  • Visualize multiple data sources as one story
  • Validate your strategy and show your impact on the business

This omni-channel marketing webinar will give you a solid foundation on how to evolve your business from a channel-centric approach to a customer-centric approach with data driven strategies.


Margie Barclay

Margie Barclay

VP, Account Management

Margie brings goal-oriented sales professional with a strong background developing and growing businesses by building client relationships, creating high impact marketing strategies, implementing sales training, product development and leading personnel in the Internet and Publishing Industry.

Webinar Length

23 Min