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The Power of Reporting Profiles

Your webinar host Jenn Staretorp welcomes Product Marketing Director Zach Jarvinen and Customer Success Manager Tiffany Steinke who will teach you how to set up reporting profiles. TapClicks Reporting Profiles help you control the types of campaigns, data, and metrics you want each of your agents and client groups to have access to.

The Power of Reporting Profiles webinar includes:

  • How reporting profiles let you control different views for different agent and client groups
  • A deep dive into the moving parts of the reporting profile settings
  • A live demo of setting up your first reporting profiles (starting at minute 15)


Zachary Jarvinen

Zachary Jarvinen

Director, Product Marketing

Zachary brings over ten years experience using data-driven analysis, "growth-hacking" techniques, and product marketing execution for both startups and Global Fortune 500 companies. Most famously, he was a part of the digital team credited for electing the President in 2008.
Tiffany Steinke

Tiffany Steinke

Customer Success Manager

Jennifer Staretorp

Jennifer Staretorp

Marketing Manager

Webinar Length

32 min