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Mastering the Import Wizard

Your webinar host Jenn Staretorp welcomes Director of Data Integrations Brie Engelson, Solutions Associate Rothpanhar Ross, and Product Marketing Director Zach Jarvinen, to join her in guiding us through the ins and outs of the Import Wizard. The Import Wizard lets you bring in your outside services data and even set up automatic imports to expand the TapClicks report visualizations to your Excel and spreadsheet data.

This webinar covers:

  • Overview of the tool
  • Explanation of the services
  • Import Wizard best practices
  • A deep dive into the tool with a live demo


Zachary Jarvinen

Zachary Jarvinen

Director, Product Marketing

Zachary brings over ten years experience using data-driven analysis, "growth-hacking" techniques, and product marketing execution for both startups and Global Fortune 500 companies. Most famously, he was a part of the digital team credited for electing the President in 2008.
Art Grigorian

Art Grigorian

Director, Customer Experience and Care

Art brings over 10 years of experience in customer support and user experience to TapClicks. He spent the past decade working at high-growth start ups establishing scalable processes and leveraging user feedback to improve customer experience.


Customer Success Specialist

Jennifer Staretorp

Jennifer Staretorp

Marketing Manager

Webinar Length

45 min