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5.18 Features Overview

Zach Jarvinen, Kristin Lundin and Jenn Staretorp give a walk through of all the exceptional new features in our November (5.18) release, including:

  • Activation and Deactivation of Clients Available through API
  • Leads Management: Display Additional Fields and Details
  • Import Wizard: Ability to Manually Add Data and Google Drive Authentication
  • Timezone support and messaging change in “Dashboard Is Ready” notification
  • Ability to auto-hide Media Widgets when Services they refer to are not present

As well as all the great new features available TapOrders and TapWorkflow!


Zachary Jarvinen

Zachary Jarvinen

Director, Product Marketing

Zachary brings over ten years experience using data-driven analysis, "growth-hacking" techniques, and product marketing execution for both startups and Global Fortune 500 companies. Most famously, he was a part of the digital team credited for electing the President in 2008.
Kristin Lundin

Kristin Lundin

Senior Director of Product Solutions

Jennifer Staretorp

Jennifer Staretorp

Marketing Manager

Webinar Length

26 Minutes