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What do I need to do to leverage the new Yext App Directory Feature?

Enabling this feature is easy, but it does require a couple of simple actions on your part. First you’ll need to contact your Yext Account Manager to enable this feature for you within your Yext account. Once you've done that you’ll need to re-authenticate your Yext connection within TapClicks. To do this just follow the simple steps below.


  1. Go to Manage Data Sources screen in your dashboard and on the Yext Enhanced tile click on the green gear icon to open up Credential Management screen. 
    • Use the drop down to see the list of accounts that you have that will need to be updated

  2. Open a new tab in your browser and go to yext.com and log into the first account in the drop down.
    • this means you have one tab open for TapAnalytics and one for Yext's Dashboard
  3. Go back to the TapAnalytics Manage Credentials Screen, make sure that the drop down has selected the Yext account you logged into.
  4. Click on Re-authenticate. This will connect the new Yext V2 Credentials to your V1 account to maintain data flow under the new endpoints
  5. If you have only one connection, great!  You're done!  Click Update Dashboard
  6. If you have multiple connections, move to the next account in the credential drop down in TapAnalytics. Make sure you DO NOT CLICK RE-AUTHENTICATE YET!
  7. Go into the tab for yest.com and log out of the account you logged into previously and log into the second account in the list.
  8. Go back to TapAnalytics and make sure you have selected the second account from the drop down menu (same as the one you logged into on the Yext side) and click Re-authenticate.
  9. This has linked your credentials for migration.
  10. Repeat these steps for all connected accounts