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Why don't the IS metrics from Google Adwords match TapClicks?

This has to do with the fact that the Impression Share (IS) values are stored on a daily level - here's a random example:

·  Jul 1 = 60%
·  Jul 2 = 40%
·  Jul 3 = 45%
·  Jul 4 = 66%
·  Jul 5 = 62%

These elements are stored on a day by day basis and we don't have the base values from the API that are used to actually calculate these values on a daily basis.  As such, we store the percentage values in the database on a day by day level.
When you look at the date range of Jul 1 through Jul 5 in the Tap UI, since we can't recalculate the values off of any base values (we don't have access to that, as mentioned above), we take the average of the values for the range. 
·  (60%+40%+45%+66%+62%)/5 = 54.6%
In order to match Google's IS values, we would need to make calls for every permutation of date range selections.  For example, when you look at good for the totally not real example above, for the range of Jul 1 - Jul 5, Google might show 63.3%.  We would need to make a call to the API to get the data for that date range and any other possible date range you might request.