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When I connect BirdEye, I can see the businesses under my Agency, but I can't see the Locations under those business.  How can I map by Location?
When you add credentials to BirdEye, you will be asked for three things
  • Account Label - this can be anything you want, it will act an organization reference for you for later.  Typically, folks name this as the name that represents the ID in the second field.
  • Reseller / Sub-reseller / Enterprise ID - this is the ID of the entity that you want to pull businesses against
  • AppKey - this is your app key, provided by BirdEye

Example - say TapClicks, with an ID of "123456" has 2 businesses under it, one for "Massachusetts Pizza" and one for "San Jose Pizza".  
When you add the following credentials, you will see 2 values in your assigning list, one for each of those Pizza Businesses
  • Account Label - TapClicks
  • Reseller / Sub-reseller / Enterprise ID - 123456
  • AppKey - [whatever your app key is]
Now that's great and all, but what if Massachusetts Pizza has a bunch of locations that need separate reporting?  Like Boston, Cambridge, and Brookline?
Well, you would need to find the ID for the business "Massachusetts Pizza" from your BirdEye Account, then add a new Connection to your BirdEye feed.  Say the ID for "Massachusetts Pizza" is 987654 - when you add a new connection you would add the following:
  • Account Label - Massachusetts Pizza under Tapclicks
    • Remember, this is a reference label, you can call it whatever you want
  • Reseller / Sub-reseller / Enterprise ID - 987654
  • AppKey - [whatever your app key is, the same as the one used for your previous connection]
The in the Assigning list you would see three more entities for Boston, Cambridge, and Brookline.
Say a few weeks go by and "Massachusetts Pizza" just opened a new location in Wakefield.  Since you already have the connection established, when you open up your assigning list for BirdEye, you'll see a new row for Wakefield in there as well.
Once mapped to a new TapAnalytics client, your data will flow into the system.