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What access level do I need in AppNexus to connect to TapClicks?


The first step you must take to begin using the Console API is to contact the AppNexus support team to gain access to the API endpoints ([email protected]). In order to be granted access, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a current AppNexus customer with a current Console user ID and member ID. (AppNexus Support cannot create a new user to fulfill a request for API access.)
  • Be a Network, Network Observer, Advertiser, or Publisher user. AppNexus cannot grant API access to Network Advertiser Manager or Network Publisher Manager users.

When you open your AppNexus support ticket, use the title "Request for API Access". In the body of the support ticket, include the following information:
  • the numeric ID of the user that requires API access
  • the billing name and numeric ID of the member under which that user exists

The AppNexus team cannot grant access to non-Console users. If you are a customer and have non-Console users who would like access to the API, you must contact the Platform Integrations team for your business unit.