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We are excited to announce that TapOrders will now support a Webhook Publish integration. This integration allows the TapClicks platform to transfer information from Order or Line items to an external system in real-time at any point in the workflow. For example, when an order is submitted, you can send one of the line items directly over to a fulfillment system. This truly extends the capabilities of the Tap Platform to integrate with a variety of new solutions.

How to set it up
Navigate to the integrations section and click on Webhook.



  • Name the Webhook
  • Enter the Target URL
  • Select the Method for sending: Post, Put, ETC?
    • You can then select the event and entity type which you would like to trigger the data being sent to the URL. We will initially support Create, Cancel and Edit events.
    • Events on Orders, Line Items or to a Client will be able to trigger this functionality.
  • You will then have to enter your credentials


Tasks will be setup to activate these triggers. When these tasks occur in the configured workflows, we will push the create, edit or cancel logic to the URL for our partners to be able to consume and make adjustments on their end.

When the event trigger occurs, a success or failure notification will be posted in the COMMENTS section of that workflow.


When an error occurs, users can go into the exception logs under the ADMIN tab in IO and see what the issue was.