User/Client Management

User/Client Management

FAQ - User/Client Management

User Types

This will layout the different user types that are available to you in TapAnalytics.
Super Admin
Super Admin Users have full access to all data, all clients, and all client groups in their instance (for example, ""). Super Admin Users also have access to the Connect Data Sources screen and all the Administration functions.
Business Unit Admin (Available only on Pro & Elite)
Business Unit Admin Users have full access to all data, all the clients, and all client groups within their cluster/location. Business Unit Admin Users can create new clients, agent users, client groups, custom dashboards and data profiles.
Agent User
Agent Users have access to the client in the group that they have been assigned to. Agent Users also have access to the dashboard and report generation, but do not have access to connect Data Sources or administration capabilities.  Agent Users can be assigned various Roles which expand or limit their permissions in the platform
Client User
Client Users have access to their own data only. Client Users can log into the dashboard and generate reports themselves. A single client can be connected to multiple assigning profiles for different Data Sources. This is the combined record that connects all the sources together into a single view.
*All TapAnalytics users are identified by e-mail address and can be invited to the platform by sending a Welcome E-mail. Users can be imported with a default password during the implementation

User Types from tapClicks on Vimeo.

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