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Unified Platform to Support Media Consolidation: Reporting & Analytics

Media companies are not like the traditional companies in the past. They are evolving on regular basis. They are bringing in new product and services to the market at a brisk pace and they're doing lot of consolidation and aggregation in the market. Media companies can use key features in TapAnalytics and TapReporting in consolidating their prophecies. 
If your company has acquired other media company or newspaper or divested any arm of your company, you will be having variety of services to cater to, TapClicks can help you in dealing with all such situations.
What stands out for TapClicks is the flexibility it has. TapClicks offers Connector Marketplace, which is abroad set of services and marketing platforms that most media companies are using today to deliver Digital Advertising. TapClicks has it all preconfigured. 
Log in to TapClicks platform and click Manage Data Sources under Data Sources in the left pane. You will see a wide variety of connectors that corresponds to the market services you are already using. 
If you have acquired a company, that company must be selling their own set of products or services. With TapClicks, you can easily bring that data together and use same reporting and analytical capabilities that you are using today. Seamless  and easy!
To add a new Data Source, click on the Data Source from the list, enter credentials from the other platform and click Add Account. The new account will be added immediately. You can associate it with the client record. Very simple and effective!
To take it a notch ahead, you can change Business Unit name for that service. We understand that need so we allow you to control your available services by Business Units. In some cases, companies refer to services by different names. You can control it within 
You can add a Data Sources by one more method.
Click Smart Connector under Data Settings in the left pane and click + sign  next to Smart Connector in the right pane.
 Fill in the details and click Save Changes to add Data Source. 
This method allows you to bring in brand new Data Sources in the platform, pull the data and use it for your reporting. 

Let us jump on to Orders and Workflow area of the product and see how Business Units are applied over there. If you are bringing in new property, you can create new Order form for it. 
Go to Administration in the left pane, click Products and click the + sign
Enter the details in the New Product pop up and click Save to save the new product

After adding the product, go back to the Products screen, click the icon as shown in the figure and create a new form for the product.

Please refer to the video for more details 

Unified Platform to support Media Consolidation - Part 1 - Analytics & Reporting from TapClicks on Vimeo.