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TapWorkflow: Task Management and Routing

TapWorkflow is a crucial part of Marketing Operations Platform for large media companies and agencies which work for other companies and small agencies. Till now, such companies were split between the platforms, means they used one platform for Workflow and other for Management. 
In such scenario, it becomes quite a task to manage both platforms and your campaigns. The platforms don't communicate with each other. The only way you can communicate is via emails to get your Tasks done, which can't be track. There is no central point of contact, which results in delay or even cancellation of Campaigns.
Keeping all these scenarios in mind, TapClicks has come up with a right solution which will enable you to have multiple functions like Workflow Management, Order entry and Task Management at one place.

Once you log in to TapClicks platform, you will find two tabs in the left pane, Orders and Workflow. These tabs will help you in managing your campaigns effectively. 
Using the Order tab, you can
  • Create new order
  • Open existing order 
  • View Detailed Order
  • View Inventory Calendar
  • View Clients
  • View Creative Library 
For detailed information about Creating New Order, click here

Using the Workflow tab, you can
  • View My Tasks
  • View My Queues
  • Check Queue Manager
  • Check User Availability

As you can see, you can TapClicks platform will enable you to have multiple functions like Workflow Management, Order entry and Task Management at one place. No need to log in to multiple platforms and check multiple things. Just log in to TapClicks and you can take care of your campaigns. 

Please refer to the video for more details 

TapWorkflow: Task Management and Routing from TapClicks on Vimeo.