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TapOrders and TapWorkflow Glossary

  • Customer records include address information, billing IDs and CRM ID to help align the record with other systems you use
  • Customers are the list of advertisers or customers who are purchasing your Data Sources or products

  • Orders (campaigns) correspond to the overall IO or specific purchase that your customer is making. It typically includes things like Campaign Names, Campaign dates and is associated with the customer or advertiser that is making the purchase. 
  • Orders can also have other attributes (features and fields) as configured in your system

Line Items
  • Line items are the individual products that the customer has purchased in the IO

  • Tasks are configurable work items that need to be completed in order to set a campaign live. Tasks can be associated with Campaign management tasks, such as completing a setup call or gathering additional information from the client or they can be specific to an individual line item such as fulfilling a display off-net product
  • Comments added or attachments uploaded on a task are also shown on the associated order (campaign) or line item

  • Queues are where all tasks are grouped. Tasks that are assigned to a user are shown in that users "My Tasks" page as well as within the overall queue associated with that task. This provides a way to see exactly which work has been already started or assigned to a specific user. 
  • Campaign managers and fulfillment teams can pick up unassigned work from "My Queues" that relate to the tasks your team fulfills. 

  • Comments can be entered on all order, line items and tasks. Each comment will be time and date stamped and they will capture who the comment was made by. Comments can also trigger new tasks to be created that relate to the same processes (i.e ordering tags)

  • Workflows are the rules that control when tasks are generated and at which point in the process flow status' change or new tasks are assigned

  • Notifications are emails sent directly to the users alerting them of activity within the platform. Notifications can be turned on or off by the individual user
  • Notifications are sent when new tasks are created, assigned, completed or comments are generated on an item.

  • This stands for Insertion Order