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Split Adwords Search and Display

By default, all of your Google Adwords data appears as a single service. However, if you need to split your Data Sources, you can do so in the Data Source settings.

Once you enable this setting, you will see these Data Sources listed in the left navigation:

  • Google Adwords: contains Search, Display, and Video
  • Google Adwords Search
  • Google Adwords Display
  • Google Adwords Video (by request only via the Master Request Form)

You can choose to hide the Google Adwords combined service by clicking the box in Data Profiles.

The split data is available in these TapClicks Tools:

  • Channels
  • Calculations
  • Margin / Markup
  • Renaming of Data Sources
  • Campaigns
  • Widgets


Adwords sends all of your data to TapClicks over the API in a single bucket, but that’s not necessarily how you report on your Adwords Campaigns.

We’ve split these metrics for a couple of reasons:

  1. Our users requested it
  2. Separating Display into its own bucket just makes sense, because it means that you can more accurately group your Display campaigns and your SEM/PPC campaigns into separate custom channels.
  3. Some companies charge different margins for Display vs. Video vs. Search campaigns. Separating your Adwords campaigns means your reporting can reflect those different margin settings.

Pro Tip: some metrics only exist in a single service. For example, you’ll only find the Display Keywords Report in the Display service, not in the Search service.