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In an effort to make your shared dashboards more scalable we are excited to announce a new feature that will automatically adjust the sections of your dashboards based on the data sources that are assigned to them.

Benefits of this feature 

For example, you have a Social Media dashboard with four sections (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+) that’s accessed by many clients.  Some of your clients don’t have Twitter or Google+ connected so when they login, they will see empty widgets since those sections don’t apply to them. Not a great user experience. With this new feature, we will automatically hide those sections from your clients based on what data source they have assigned to them.

Pro Tip: How to tell if a Section is associated to a Data Source / Channel / Leads Management?
There will be an icon displayed to the left of the Section name, to indicate that the section is tied to a data source / channel / lead.


To assign a section to a data source / channel / leads management, simply click on the Dashboard Menu > Manage Sections



Click on the menu icon for the Section that you’d like to assign.  Then select the Data Source / Channel / Leads (Management) which you would like to assign that section to.



If you would like sections to hide based on what data sources / channel / leads management the client has connected, then make sure to enable the Preference setting (Administration > Preferences > Data Sources tab):


How does the logic work for “Only show active data sources” setting?

The business logic for the permissions is top down.  


That is, if Only Show Active Data Sources is enabled, we first check if the section is attached to a data source/ channel / leads management.

  • If the client has that item connected, then we will show the section.  
  • If the client does not have that item connected, then we will hide the section, regardless of whether the widgets within the section have the same data source.  The use case for this is if a section has some Google Adwords widgets and Google Analytics to show the performance for the Adwords campaigns.  In this case, the user would assign the section to the Adwords data source, and if the client does not have Adwords connected, then the whole section will be hidden since Analytics widgets are meaningless without the Adwords reference.

Pro Tip: How does the section assignment work for Leads?

If the Client does not have TapLeads and does not have Leads Management enabled, then the section (assigned to Leads) will hide for that client.

To check the Leads settings, go to Clients > select Client > Edit.  Scroll to the Leads Management section