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Report Scheduler

If you are looking for a way to schedule your Reports cut down on your Reporting time?  If so, TapClicks has one feature in the platform which will help you in this.

To schedule your Reports

  1. Log in to TapClicks platform and click Reporting in the left pane
  2. Click Report Scheduler 
  3. Click the + sign in the top ribbon 
  4.  On the Schedule Report Setting page, enter the information in appropriate fields. You can customize your report using the options on this page.
  5. You can set the frequency, format, receivers, cover/back page, date range and other things about the report that will be sent.
  6. Click Save Changes and you're done!
Normally, your team spends a lot of time in generating and sending the reports to your clients. After scheduling your reports, you can save that time.
By scheduling your reports, you can rest assured that same quality of report will be sent to your client on timely basis, without human interference. There will be no space for human errors! 

Report Scheduler from TapClicks on Vimeo.