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Pulling Your First Report

Pulling a Client Report is easy and allows you to get information from all the Data Sources into one report. These are one-time standard quick reports. 
  1. Click on Reporting in the left-hand navigation menu.
  2. Select Quick Reports 

  3. Select a client or client group from the drop down menu.  

  4. Select your date range. If you want to include a comparison date, choose that now.  

  5. Select a Report Cover to give your report a front and back page (optional). 

  6. Select a Data Category. 

  7. Choose the content for your report: Data Sources, Channels, or both Data Sources and Channels. 

  8. Click Generate report.
  9. On the bottom right you can click the box icon to see exporting options to send by email, Excel, Word, or PDF document.

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Pulling Your First Report from TapClicks on Vimeo.

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