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Visualizing Your Data

Visualizing Your Data

FAQ - Visualizing Your Data

TapClicks offers predefined dashboards to help you visualize your data. These dashboards come as a standard feature for all TapClicks users. The dashboards reflect channel-specific KPIs and metrics based on industry best practices, and they were put together by industry analytics experts.
After logging in to TapClicks platform, you can see  Dashboard Templates section in the left pane. There are various options like Data Source Overview, Leads Dashboard, Social Dashboard listed there. 
 When you click on any option, it opens up a visually appealing dashboards with relevant widgets. This is our new widget architecture, which can tell your marketing story more effectively. 

All these widgets are interactive. You can add or remove widgets from the dashboard to suit your needs. You can also change the look and feel by clicking the icons on top of every widget.  You can do analysis, see how you are performing and create dazzling reports by using these widgets. 

So how to use these dashboards? Just connect your Data Sources like Facebook ads, Google Adwords or Bing ads and and TapClicks will get them on your instance. Make a copy of the predefined dashboard and then use it as your new dashboard. 

When working as an agency, you want to tell your clients how your campaign is performing without telling them which different platforms you are using. This is where these dashboards will help. There is no mention of on any of the widgets. It just displays the performance metrics. There's no mention of any platform at all.

So, go ahead and start using this amazing feature!!    

Predefined Channel Dashboards from TapClicks on Vimeo.