FAQ - Reporting

Lead Tagging will enable you to tag and categorize your leads automatically based on their phone number, client name and email address.


  • Ability to create Tags - ability to create a Tag name and leverage the TapClicks Color Picker to apply a color or add a custom hex color code.
    • Tags can be created directly from within the Leads grid widget on the Leads dashboard (or any leads grid widget that contains taggable fields), or on the Tags page in the Administration section.
    • To create a tag, simply mouseover a taggable field in the Leads grid widget, or click on the + sign in the Admin > Tags page.


Figure: Create a Tag by clicking on a taggable field (Client Name, Lead Number, Lead Email) on the Leads grid widget    



    Figure: Create a Tag on the Admin > Tag page

  • Tagged items will automatically display the assigned tag color so it’s easier to visually see tagged items.
  • Dynamic - Once an item is tagged, if there are other items or another lead comes into the system with the exact same item in the same field, we will automatically tag the new items as well.  For example, say you tag a phone number (444-444-4444) in the Lead Number field with a ‘Programmatic’ tag.

For existing items with the same number, or anytime there is a lead in the future with the same phone number (444-444-4444) in the Number field, we will automatically tag that with ‘Programmatic’.

In the figure below, we have tagged the first lead (July 12)’s ‘Local Dealership’ client field and because the 3rd lead has the same client name, it gets automatically tagged as well.


Figure: Tagged items display tag color + same identifier is dynamically tagged

  • Ability to add Tags as Data Columns to a widget, group by Tags, or filter by Tags

Now that we allow you to tag items, you can also leverage these tags to build cool widgets that help you visualize and analyze your data.    


Here is an example of a widget you can build.  We have tagged a bunch of phone numbers in Leads Management with various tags to denote campaign type.  This is a widget that shows the breakdown of different campaign types based on the tagged numbers.    

    Figure: Example of breakdown of tagged campaign types based on phone numbers

  • New Admin section for Tags and Tag Values

We have added a new section called ‘Tag Settings’ to the Administration section in the left menu bar.  This section contains two new pages called ‘Tags’ and ‘Tag Values’.    


    Tags page

  • You can see a list of all the Tags in the system
  • You can also add new Tags from this page
  • This page allows you to administer your Tags - add new tag / edit a tag / delete a tag

Figure: Tags page


  • To edit / see more info about a tag, click on the pencil icon for a Tag.  This will bring up the Tag info page.


Tag Info Page

  • You can edit the Tag name.  Note that this will also automatically update the Tag name in widgets
  • You can edit the Tag color.  Note that this will also automatically update the Tag color in widgets
  • You can see a list of ‘Associated Tag Values’ for this particular Tag


Figure: Tag info page - shows Tag and associated Tag Values


Tag Values

  • This page allows you to administer your Tags Values
  • This page shows you the list of values that have been tagged, as well as the Data Source, Value, and Tag.
  • You can edit or delete Tag Values.