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FAQ - Smart Connector

How do I set up a Sample File for Smart Connector?

Best practices for my sample file:

  • We recommend that your sample file has at least 2 rows in it, one for the column headers and one as a sample of what might be contained in those rows.
  • The reason for the second row is that the system will make suggestions for the field type based on what it sees in that row - if it see number characters, it will suggest a number field. If it sees a dollar sign, it will suggest currency. If it sees a date-type format, it will suggest date.


What if I don’t fill in the second row:

  • That’s not a problem, the system simply won’t give you suggestions for your field type - you can still set those yourself in the configuration.


Is there a limit on the Sample File size:

  • This is because the file is really just to set up the import wizard definition. You can use something as small as a file with only the header row in it, or up to 10 MB. In the case of .csv files, we can support files that are even larger than that.


So you don’t actually pull in data from the Sample File?

  • We will if you tell us to! There is an option farther along in the definition to “Load Sample Data”. If you include this setting, then the system will look at that file as well as anything from the defined pick-up location (if used).