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Google Analytics - Why does my Gender and Age data look incorrect?

Google has the right to withhold certain data sets from the response if the result for a specific demographic combinations is smaller than Google Data Threshold. So, while requesting data from the Google Analytics, Google can withhold some data and send the rest. As a result, any API user cannot infer the performance of specific demographics or interest groups.

When TapAnalytics pulls data from the Google Analytics API, a date is always applied to that data set. Applying a date ensures that data is obtained for each day in range. If the request is made for the whole month and if the number does not trigger data threshold for a particular date, the response will not carry any data for that date. After applying date, the threshold for every day is triggered for a comparatively lesser number and the response has some useful data. For this reason, the numeric values in the Google Analytics feed that pertain to Age and Gender may appear somewhat lower than other data views.
For example, you might see that a specific page from Google Analytics has 40 page views for the Age Group 65+ for entire month, lets say June.  When TapAnalytics requests for June data, there is an additional granularity applied to get data by day. So the response might show that the specific page has 12 page views for Age Group 65+ on one day in June and 17 page views on another day in June and no additional daily rows for the Age Group 65+. This means that for the other days in June, there are not enough page views to meet the Google Data Threshold and those rows are excluded from the response. So, TapAnalytics will show 29 page views for 65+ Age Group for the month of June rather than a value of 40 page views for 65+ Age Group.

Please note that this is a system defined threshold and there is no possibility for any change. 

For more information about Google’s positioning and logic on this topic, check following article: