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FAQ - Getting Started

FAQ - Getting Started

Getting Started

Glossary of TapClicks Terms

This contains terms that are TapClicks specific or terms we use. 

API - This stands for Application Program Interface. It the most common method utilized to get data into our system.

FTP - This stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is one of the methods we employ to get 3rd party data in and can be used with the Import Wizard

oAuth - This stands for Open Authorization which is a standard for token-based authentication. This method allows TapClicks to get access to a 3rd party service without exposing passwords.  

SOW - This stands for Statement of Work. We here at TapClicks use these when doing custom work for our clients because they allow us to outline what we will be doing. 

Data ProfileThese are how you can control what people get to see and what they don’t get to see. The nerve system of our dashboard!

Manage Data Sources - This is the screen where you can see all the various 3rd party Data Sources you can connect to. This is also where you enter credentials and map your clients. Some people call it the TapRoom.

Data Sources Overview - This is the main dashboard. On this page you will see high level metrics for all the Data Sources connected (Note: You can customize the metrics that show via Data Profiles).

Import Wizard - This feature is one we built out to allow our clients to pull in data from Data Sources that we are not currently integrated with or their own internal data.

Margins - This allows you to add any margin or markup to your clients.

Channels - This feature allows you to group Data Sources together if you want to roll metrics together

Data Source - This term is used in our widgets in reference to where the widget will pull data from in order to populate the visualizations. Note that this can be connectors or channels.

Connectors - This is the TapClicks term for the various 3rd party platforms that you will connect to your dashboard.

Data Columns - This is the TapClicks term for the data points or metrics you are able to use in creating your widgets and visualizations. 

MOP - This stands for Marketing Operations Platform. In TapClicks this refers to both products we have, TapAnalytics & Tap Reports and TapOrders & TapWorkflow, working together for the entire life cycle of your campaigns.