TapOrders & TapWorkflow

TapOrders & TapWorkflow

We have added the ability for you to automatically create new orders on your own with the new Flat File Integration. You will be able to set your own requirements and assigning to create clients, orders, and the products associated with those orders. This feature will accept a flat file export from any CRM or spreadsheet. 

How can I setup a flat file integration?
To set up a flat file integration - Create a new integration from the new Integrations option under TapOrders. Select File integration.

Specify the specifics of the file integration (NOTE these delivery types align with options supported by the Import Wizard)

Specify the details of the integration by answering business friendly questions. Automatically associate the business unit based on options from the file.

Select how to determine the salesperson from the file, and what to use as an update key for the client records.

Once that is complete - create the necessary assigning to associate the files from the flat file over to the items in TapOrders, TapWorkflow or Clients.

Once the item is selected the user can now specifically map each field from the source file into the matching field on the Tap side. This provides a highly flexible model for associating configurable forms to flat files that may not match the same structure.
The left hand side of this display shows the column name from the incoming CSV file, the column on the right shows the values from the configurable order form or the client data in Tap.