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We’re here to help you scale! Flat file integration enables an automated, configurable, CSV file to be used to manage client records on an ongoing basis.

Why is this a big deal? This feature will allow you to automatically load your clients into the TapClicks system and automate your onboarding process.

How to set it up

Use the Integrations item in the Hierarchy Admin menu to access the Integration.

The select the Custom Integration option to setup assigning (later you will use the File Integration option to setup the file delivery method)




Once the user has created a Client assigning they are now presented the with the options for defining the CSV file. The column names from the CSV file are entered on the left column and then they are mapped to the appropriate Client field on the right column.



Once the assigning is configured, then select the Data Delivery method by selecting the File Integration.



Now the user can fill out the options for the various data delivery methods to automate the retrieval of the file from an FTP.


The following screen controls the business logic for selecting a business unity and to select which key to use for updates (i.e. CRM id or Company Name) and to specify if you want client groups to be automatically assigned based on a field within the file. (NOTE: The client group must already exist for this process to work).


Lastly the user can now make that integration active and the following evening the integration should process automatically and retrieve the file from the FTP and load the new client records.


The user can review the activity history by selecting the calendar icon and activate the integration by flipping the toggle between Active and Inactive. Marking it Active will tell the system to process that following night.