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FAQ - Getting Started

Getting Started

Bulk Assigning / Manage Assigning

Manage Assigning is a feature geared towards those who have enough clients where assigning one-by-one is overwhelming. Manage Assigning allows you to map your clients in a spreadsheet and upload that to TapClicks. Find the Manage Assigning link in the bottom right corner of the on the Manage Data Sources screen (where you connect and manage Data Sources), next to the ‘Update your dashboard’ button.

Only Super Admins can use this feature. Check your User status if you can't find the Manage Assigning link.

How to Bulk Map

  1. Note: Connect your service in the dashboard and create your clients in TapClicks before you try to upload your bulk map document. If you don't connect the service, you will not see it appear in the drop down. They need to exist in the dashboard before assigning. 
  2. Navigate to the Manage Assigning​ link on the bottom right corner of the Manage Data Sources page and click on the link.
  3. Select the Service you want to map
  4. Click Download - This will provide you with an import template to use to build your import file.
  5. Once the file is done downloading open it on your computer.
    1. We recommend freezing the first three rows (the headers) and then sort or filter by unmapped advertisers, campaigns, pages, etc. This will make it easier for you to see what is unmapped.
  6. Add the client names to the corresponding Advertisers, Campaigns, Pages,.
  7. Remove any filters or sorting options you may have added to the file.
  8. Save or download to .csv
  9. Return to the dashboard
  10. Click Choose File to browse for the Assigning File you just saved
  11. Click Upload
  12. You will get a success or failure status. Go back to the Manage Data Sources page to double check if the assigning went through.
  13. Click Update your dashboard and you’re done!

Bulk assigning from TapClicks