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Why is there no data showing in the dashboard?

There are a few reasons that data would not be showing in the dashboard. 
  • You could have forgotten to click "update dashboard" after connecting your Data Sources.  
  • You've connected a lot of data which means the system takes longer to complete its initial fetch.
  • The data is not for the date range you have selected
So first, please remember to click "update dashboard" after assigning your clients.  If you don't do this, no worries, our daily system auto-fetch automatically updates the system every night around 6am EST.

*Also, please note that Instagram, Google+, MOZ and Twitter do not provide any historical data to fetch initially when the service is first connected.  As a result you won't see data right away -- you will see data for these
Data Sources ONLY from the time you connect the service/client and going forward.