TapClicks 6.0

TapClicks 6.0

FAQ - TapClicks 6.0

Export Builder

This feature is a place in your custom dashboards where you can add customizations to that custom dashboard before exporting it to a PDF. In there you can add images in the background, text boxes, alter the page layout and the widget styling.


  1. Go to the custom dashboard you want to edit and export
  2. Click on the circle with the lines in the top right corner
  3. Click on the wand icon to open the Export Builder
  4. A new screen will open
  5. Click on the circle with the three lines in the top right corner to use the tools


This menu has four options:

  • Insert new element: This allows you to add text, an image to the background and alter the color of the background of widgets
  • Draw options:
    • Page Options - Allow you to add both a header and a footer to every page
    • Widget Styling - These are the same as the dashboard draw options along with the options to enable dark mode
  • Rotate to Landscape: This will allow you to turn the page orientation
  • Export to PDF: Once you make all the changes you can export the custom dashboard


**Note for every widget you can adjust where and how the widget appears in relation to the background as well as drag and drop the widgets to reorder them