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Make It Yours - All About Customizations

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Provide a better user experience for your clients by displaying insights and analysis directly on their dashboards. Need to provide insights on a specific time period? The new Executive Summary will not only let you comment on each Dashboard, but also on specific date ranges.

How can I add an Executive Summary widget to a dashboard?

Since Admins are the only users that have the ability to create and edit dashboards, only Super Admin and Business Unit Admins (with the manage dashboard ability) can enable the Executive Summary on a dashboard.

  1. Go to a dashboard and open the ‘More Options’ menu
  2. Select ‘Edit Executive Summary’ and click the checkbox to enable it

Pro Tip: Enabling the Executive Summary for a dashboard is essentially turning on the template / structure for that dashboard.  Once the ES is enabled for the dashboard, then agent users can add unique content, for each client and/or date range.


How do I add content to an Executive Summary widget?

Super Admins / Business Unit Admins / Agents can add content to an Executive Summary widget.

  1. Go to the Executive Summary and click on ‘Add an Executive Summary’
  2. Select a client and/or date range to write a summary for
  3. Enter insights for that client
  4. To write a summary for a different client, select another client from the dropdown and enter insights for that client.

How do I view Executive Summaries for a specific client?

  1. Go to the dashboard
  2. Click on dashboard filter icon and select a client under ‘View as Client’
  3. The widgets and data on the dashboard will now be updated with that client’s data.  The Executive Summary widget will also now display the most recent summary for that client.
  4. You can also use the Dashboard date range picker to display executive summaries that were assigned to that date range.

Note: If the dashboard is a client specific dashboard and has a client assigned to that dashboard, then the Executive Summary widget will always display summaries for that specific client.