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Editing Dashboards

The Edit Dashboard section allows you to edit three settings for a given custom dashboard. Two control what Data profiles and Business Units are granted access to the given custom dashboard and the third is the ability to edit the name of the custom dashboard.


  1. Navigate to the custom dashboard you want to edit
  2. Click on the circle with three lines
  3. In the drop down click on the pencil icon to Edit Dashboard
  4. In the pop up window you can do the following
    1. Edit the Name of the custom dashboard
    2. Add or Remove Data profiles that have access to the custom dashboard
    3. Add or Remove Business Units​ that have access to the custom dashboard
    4. Choose the Font Size for the text of the widgets
    5. Alter the Color Palette for the widgets
    6. Set the Reporting Options:
      1. Show All Pages On Export – this will move all grids set to show all results to the bottom of the export to allow for expansion
      2. Hide Empty Widgets On Export – this will hide widgets that have no data during the export so that no blank widgets appear on the report
  5. When done making alterations click Save and you are done!