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Have you created Business Units in the platform that are no longer relevant and need to be removed? You know have this ability in the latest version of TapClicks. You can disable Business Units from all the drop-downs and selections on clients, users, client groups, and the Orders business unit selector.

A business unit cannot be deleted while clients, client groups or users remain assigned so these must all be reassigned to another business unit or inactivated prior to attempting to inactivate the business unit

See below with QA test BU Business Unit - it is showing Active in the Business Unit administration page


When we edit that Business Unit, you notice that there is now a Status option showing Active. In this example the status option is grayed out because we still have client groups, clients or users associated to that business unit. Helper text under the question mark reminds the user why the business unit cannot be inactivated.

Once all the attached clients, client groups and users have been correctly reassigned or inactivated the status option is now made available and the user can set this business unit to Inactive.

Now that the unit is Inactive it will show when the “Inactive” button at the top is displaying Inactive Business Units.

And notice that business unit is no longer available in the client assignment dropdown or other areas where the business unit assignments are managed and in the business unit selector in Orders/Workflow.