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FAQ - Reporting


We are excited to announce a new set of fields and data views in our March release. 

What's new?

New Data Source

  • Pinterest Accounts

What makes this a new connection?  

Data for this connection starts at the Pinterest Account level, rather than at the Board level as the data comes in to the existing Pinterest connection.
This connection offers another way to report on data for your data story and exposes data point that are available on at the Account level (not the Board level)

New Fields​ & Data Views

  • Add Data - Google Ads Manager (prev. DFP) - Ads - Master and Companion Performance
  • Add Fields - Bing Ads - Main Columns and Inherit - Campaign Labels
  • Add Fields - Ubermedia - Video Data
  • Add Fields - Recrue Outreach - Inherit Advertising Channel and Advertising Sub Channel
  • Add Field - Google Ads - Expanded Text Ads - Full Ad Preview
  • Add Field - DataXu - Creative Name
  • Add Field - MatchCraft - Call Tracking - Rating
  • Add Field - Centro Basis DSP - Add Group Field


Facebook Insights - Enable a notification system before credentials expire

  • For those of you that are familiar with the LinkedIn email notifications in the system today, TapAnalytics has exposed a similar notification system for Facebook Insights.  This means that when your credentials are near the 90 day expiration point. This will help you keep you connections stable before these limits are hit.
  • Note that you will still need to take action, but TapAnalytics will tell you when you need to take that action.

Linkedin Profile and Linkedin Company Pages - Move to V2 Authentication Application

  • As you may have seen on the TapClicks Status Page, TapClicks is making changes to stay in compliance with LinkedIn Authentication Requirements.  
  • If you haven’t taken action on your LinkedIn Connections, please be sure to re-authenticate your connections to make sure data continues to flow.  If you do not take this action, there is a high risk that no new data will flow into your instance.
  • To re-authenticate, you will need to go to "Manage Data Sources" and find the LinkedIn Profile or LinkedIn Company Pages screen.  Click on the green plug icon, then select the account you wish to re-authenticate and click on the blue "Re-Authenticate" button.  This will pull you into LinkedIn to approve of the connection. (note the button color may vary based on your color theme)
  • ProTip - make sure you have the LinkedIn Account Username and Password in hand when you re-authenticate as described above, so you aren't stuck trying to find it in the moment.
  • If you do not take action, none of your historical data will be removed, but no new data will flow in for these services.
  • If you have any questions, please reach out to your customer success manager.

API Upgrades
  • Google Ad Manager
  • Kenshoo

Private Date Sources & Views (available by request only)

The following values are available to instances on a by request only basis. To take advantage of these, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or [email protected]

  • New Connector - Amazon Ads
  • New Connector - Yelp Ads
  • Add Data View - DataXu - Audiences
  • Add Data View - DataXu - Device and Vendor
  • Add Data View - DataXu - Time of Day
  • Add Field - DataXu - Creative Data View - Creative Concept

Hey, how come new connectors have to be requested to be enabled on my instance?

As TapClicks develops new code, we make every effort to handle every possible scenario when working with a partner data source.  Sometimes different configurations on accounts for those data sources can lead to unexpected results when we ask for data through the connectors.
By controlling the access to these data sources initially, we’re able to ensure work with you when you turn it on to see that things go smoothly and quickly react in the event that they do not.
Our prime directive is to ensure that your reporting experience has no bumps along the way and this new approach to integrations will help us help you.