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FAQ - Reporting

We are excited to announce a new set of fields and data views in our June release. 

What's new?

API Upgrades
  • Yahoo Gemini
  • Simpli.fi

API Maintenance
  • Maintenance - Simpli.fi - Migrate to Beta Reports API
    • IT’S HERE!  TapClicks has officially migrated to the Simpli.fi Beta Reports Center API!
    • When you look at your Simpli.fi Account, this data comes from the “Beta Report Center” rather than the “Report Center” data was previously pulled from.
    • All your same credentials will work with the new plumbing, so no action is necessary.
  • Maintenance - Facebook Ads - Breaking Changes in July - Metric Deprecation
    • Facebook has opted to deprecate a number of Marketing API Fields that are currently pulled into TapAnalytics.
    • Any history loaded to date will still be available, new data will not be loading into these fields.
    • As Facebook updates their API, we will be on the lookout to see if these fields are made available again for our use.
    • The complete list of fields that will no longer be supported are as follows and will be tagged with a “Deprecated” suffix in TapAnalytics:
  • Button Clicks
  • Cost per Total Actions
  • Cost per Total Unique Actions
  • Social Clicks
  • Social Impressions
  • Social Reach
  • Total Actions
  • Total Unique Actions
  • Unique Social Clicks
  • Page Mentions
  • Page Tab Views
  • Mobile App Feature Unlocks Conversion Value
  • Mobile App Sessions Conversion Value
  • Mobile App Adds of Payment Info Conversion Value
  • Mobile App Adds To Cart Conversion Value
  • Mobile App Adds to Wishlist Conversion Value
  • Mobile App Registrations Completed Conversion Value
  • Mobile App Content Views Conversion Value
  • Mobile App Checkouts Initiated Conversion Value
  • Mobile App Achievements Unlocked Conversion Value
  • Mobile App Purchases Conversion Value
  • Mobile App Ratings Submitted Conversion Value
  • Mobile App Searches Conversion Value
  • Mobile App Credits Spent Conversion Value
  • Mobile App Tutorials Completed Conversion Value
  • Other Mobile App Actions Conversion Value
  • Est. Mobile App Actions
  • Client Cost per Total Actions
  • Client Cost per Total Unique Actions

New Fields
  • Add Field - Google Adwords -  Ads Level - Concatenate "Image Height" and "Image Width" to "Image Size"
  • Add Field - Avanser - Answer Point
  • Add Field - BirdEye - Reviews - Status Field
  • Add Field - DialogTech - Call Details - Enhanced Minutes
  • Add Field - Emma - Unique Opens
  • Add Field - GroundTruth - Ad Group Name
  • Add Field - TubeMogul - All Levels - Daily Avg % Viewed
  • Add Fields - DFP - Ad Exchange Metrics
  • Add Fields - GroundTruth - Campaigns Level - Add Report for Visits
  • Add Fields - Linkedin Ads - Sponsored InMail
  • Add Fields - LiquidM - Campaign Level - Start Date, End Date, Scheduled Impressions/Units, Budget
  • Add Fields - The Trade Desk - Main Columns, Ad Groups, Creatives - Viewability %
  • Add Fields - Verve Velocity - Inherit Fields from Parent Data Views

Widget Enhancements

Enabled additional Group-bys and Filter bys for:
  • Twilio as well as enhanced support for duration filtering
  • Recrue Outreach
  • Telmetrics
  • Nativo
  • Sizmek
  • V12

Other Enhancements

  • Enhancement - Salesforce Leads - Salesforce QL - Custom Field Support
    • In this release, TapAnalytics will expose any Campaign and Lead custom fields you have in your Salesforce configuration.
    • These fields can be displayed in your Dashboard widgets and can be used for filters
    • If you have any questions about the use of these fields, reach out - we’re always looking to improve this connection.
  • Enhancement - Centro DSP - Offers Level - rename to "Conversions"
  • Enhancement  - ReachSearch - Visits vs Clicks - tool-tip added indicating that these are one in the same

By Request Only

The following values are available to instances on a by request only basis.  To take advantage of these, please reach out to your Account Manager or [email protected]

New Connector - TMPi
New Connector - Visto
New Connector - WhatConverts
Add Data View - Facebook Ads - Ads Action Breakdown
Add Data View - Sizmek - Package Information

Hey, how come new connectors have to be requested to be enabled on my instance?

As TapClicks develops new code, we make every effort to handle every possible scenario when working with a partner data source.  Sometimes different configurations on accounts for those data sources can lead to unexpected results when we ask for data through the connectors.
By controlling the access to these data sources initially, we’re able to ensure work with you when you turn it on to see that things go smoothly and quickly react in the event that they do not.
Our prime directive is to ensure that your reporting experience has no bumps along the way and this new approach to integrations will help us help you.