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FAQ - Reporting

We are excited to announce a new set of fields and data views in our February release. 

How do I enable these new fields and data views?
To take advantage of the new fields and data views for Data Sources you are already connected to, be sure to enable them in your Data Profiles.
If you have any questions, please reach out to your Account Manager or
[email protected]

What's new?

Connector Changes
  • xAd has been rebranded to GroundTruth
  • BMI Elite has been rebranded to Site Impact
  • Uberall has been rebranded to uberall

New Connector
  • gShift

Renamed Fields
  • Facebook Ads - “Link Clicks” to “Link Clicks from Actions” and “Inline Link Clicks” to “Link Clicks
    • We are renaming our fields to better line up with the Facebook UI as well as to better describe where data is coming from.  “Inline Link Clicks" is being renamed to "Link Clicks" to line up with the Facebook Ads user interface.  The existing "Link Clicks" field is being renamed "Link Clicks from Actions" based on how we get that information from the API.  This is a specialized action type from the API and it has been renamed to reflect that.

New Fields
  • Add Fields - Facebook Ads - Leads - Address, City, State, Zip, etc
  • Add Fields - Google Adwords - Main Columns - All cost per conversion, All conv. value/ cost
  • Add Field - Google AdWords - Call-only ad phone number
  • Add Field - Google Adwords - Campaigns - Avg. Quality Score
  • Add Fields - GroundTruth- Pixels Data Level - Conversions After Impression, Conversions After Click

Other Enhancements
  • TC6 Widget Enhancements - The Trade Desk - Expose Creative Preview
  • TC6 Widget Enhancements - Enable Additional Group Bys / Filter bys
    • Yelp API
    • DialogTech
    • The Trade Desk
  • Margin / Markup Enhancements - Exposing Margin and Markup Fields to Lower Level data views
    • Kenshoo
  • Maintenance - API Upgrades
    • Google Analytics - Upgrade to Version 4
    • Outbrain

By Request Only
The following values are available to instances on a by request only basis.  To take advantage of these, please reach out to your Account Manager or [email protected]
  • New Connector - PulsePoint
  • New Connector - Teads Insertions
  • Add Data View - Telmetrics - Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)  and Session based data
Hey, how come new connectors have to be requested to be enabled on my instance?
As TapClicks develops new code, we make every effort to handle every possible scenario when working with a partner data source.  Sometimes different configurations on accounts for those data sources can lead to unexpected results when we ask for data through the connectors.
By controlling the access to these data sources initially, we’re able to ensure work with you when you turn it on to see that things go smoothly and quickly react in the event that they do not.
Our prime directive is to ensure that your reporting experience has no bumps along the way and this new approach to integrations will help us help you.