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FAQ - Reporting

We are excited to announce a new set of fields and data views in our December release. 

How do I enable these new fields and data views?
To take advantage of the new fields and data views for Data Sources you are already connected to, be sure to enable them in your Data Profiles.
If you have any questions, please reach out to your Account Manager or
[email protected]

What's new?
  • Add Data View - CallRail - Sources
  • Add Fields - Facebook Ads - Ads Level - Platform Designation
    • This enhancement will add a field for Platform to the Ads level data set, indicating what Platform the Ad was served against.
    • This will allow you to create widgets grouped by and filtered to this data set as well.
  • Add Fields - Platform161 - "Total..." cost fields
  • Add Field - Google Adwords - Avg. Daily Cost
    • A new cost field, this will show you the average daily cost for the selected date range.  Days where there is no spend will not bring down this calculation
  • Add Field - DBM - Creative Size
    • This new field will combine two fields that we already have in the system today for Height and Width.  The benefit of this new field is that instead on having to create complicated filters based on two different fields, you only need to look to a single field.
  • Add Field - Bing Ads - Ad Preview
  • Add Field - Centro DSP - Creative Preview
    • This allows you to see your Centro DSP creative preview on screen, in-app as a preview.
  • Add New Data Sets - BirdEye
    • Exposed Additional fields on Main Columns as well as new data sets around Activity Log
  • Enhancement - DFP - Rename Main Columns to Orders
    • Previously called “Campaigns”, this change of Data Profile Label will help bring the TapAnalytics data set in line with what you see in DFP.
    • This has no impact on the data that is flowing into the system or any historical data, this is a cosmetic change only.
  • TC6 Widget Enhancements - Call Tracking - Listen Field
    • Now you can listen to your Marchex and Dialogtech call recordings directly in your TapClicks6 widgets.
    • Additional Call Tracking Data Sources will be implemented soon - if you have one in particular that you’re looking for us to focus on, reach out to your Customer Success Manager.
    • Note that the Service-specific limits still apply (call recordings typically last for 30 days)
  • TC6 Widget Enhancements - Enable Additional Group Bys / Filter bys
    • DFP
    • DFA / DCM
    • DoubleClick Bid Manager
    • Simpli.fi
    • Linkedin Profiles
    • Constant Contact
    • Marchex
  • Margin / Markup Enhancements - Exposing Margin and Markup Fields to Lower Level data views
    • Twitter Ads
    • Choozle
    • Outbrain
By Request Only
The following values are available to instances on a by request only basis.  To take advantage of these, please reach out to your Account Manager or [email protected]
  • New Connector - MatchCraft
  • Add Data View - Google Adwords - Geo Extended - Most Specific Location & Location Type
  • Add Data View - Google Adwords - Domain Performance
  • Add Data View - Google Adwords - Devices
  • Add Data View - MediaMath - Device Breakdown
  • Add Data View - Recrue Outreach - Domain Performance
  • Add Data View -  Recrue Outreach - Devices