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The best way to update your TapAnalytics dashboard

TapAnalytics has been engineered to work IN BATCH MODE, so when you click Update Dashboard, all the Data Sources and campaigns you have connected are updated. Below is the best practices to follow.
  • Connect all Data Sources that you know you need 
  • Map all the Clients you want 
  • Then click Update Dashboard and let the system go get all the data, while you go work on something else. 
  • If you are an enterprise User with hundreds or thousands of clients, then it’s best to use the two Bulk features to speed the process up!

It sometimes seems that my dashboard takes a long time to update

When you click Update Dashboard, all connected Data Sources and campaigns are updated with the data.  Thus, all of the following (and more) enter into this process:
  • The amount of data -- the more campaigns you have connected, the longer it takes to get the data.
  • The "depth" of data -- the more levels of data you have connected (e.g., Ad Creatives, Ad Placements, Keywords etc.) the longer it takes to get the data.
  • The type of service -- the quality of a vendor's API varies a lot from service to service. 
  • The number of times you click Update Dashboard. If there is a heavy load of update clicks, the updates must go in a queue, and this causes some additional delay.
  • New connections -- whenever you hook up NEW campaigns, the delay will be longer because of the history factor. Generally speaking, the initial fetch for most Data Sources goes back 1 year, but for existing campaigns, only 3 days. So, hooking up a lot of new campaigns will mean significantly longer update times.
  • API request limitations -- some Data Sources (Moz, AppNexus, etc.) have API request limitations, so that we must spread out the update requests over time meet those limitations.

Is there any way to make the updates run faster

The easy answer is, yes. Below are some of the methods to take.
  • Make sure you even need to do an update. The TapAnalytics platform automatically updates every morning about 6am Eastern. Most third-party platforms update only once in 24 hours, so you only need to update if you are loading new campaigns.
  • If you are pulling data you or your clients really don't need, turn that data off using your Profile. A great place to start would be the most time-consuming (deepest) data such as Facebook Page Posts, or Google Keyword data. 
  • We are constantly reviewing our processes for improvement. We are always on the lookout for areas to improve!