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Customized Report Covers

If can easily add customization to your reports with TapClicks. You can add a cover and a back page to your report. That way, your customers will have branded and professional reports. Please note that you need to create appropriate design in PDF format, which you can upload and use in TapClicks platform. 

To add Cover or Back page to your reports

  1. Log in to TapClicks platform and click Reporting in the left pane
  2. Click Report Cover / Back Pages
  3. ​Click the + sign next to Report Cover / Back Pages 
  4. On the next screen, enter Name, select Business Unit, upload Cover/Back page and click Save to add customized covers to your report 
Uploaded client specific pages will be added as the first and last page of your report perpetually.  

Customized Report Covers from TapClicks on Vimeo.