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Customize Your Reports & Dashboards with Data Profiles

In Data Profiles, you can choose which Data Sources and metrics appear in dashboards and reports.
  1. Click on Administration.
  2. Click on Data Profiles.
  3. Edit your Default Profile or create a new Data Profile by clicking on the plus sign (+) next to the Data Profile header.
  4. Under the Settings tab:
    1. Name your Data Profile.
    2. Indicate whether new Data Sources will be enabled by default.
    3. Indicate whether turn on scores will be enabled by default.
    4. Indicate whether Google Adwords Split Search and Display will be enabled.
  5. Elite Users - Determine which Custom Dashboards this profile will be able to view under the Dashboard Views tab.
  6. Under the Data Sources​ tab, select the service that you'd like to configure. Note: your active Data Sources are indicated by a green dot.
    1. First, determine whether you would like this service to be Included in reports for this Data Profile.
    2. Configure the other 4 tabs according to the Profile needs: Dashboard Metrics, Top Metrics, Main Columns and Detail Grids.
      1. The Dashboard Metrics are the metrics that appear in your Service Overview.
      2. The Top Metrics are the data insights that appear at the top of the campaign level view in your dashboard.
      3. The Main Columns are the metrics that appear in your dashboard grid and in your reports.
      4. The Detail Grids are highlighted in blue under Main Columns, and show the different drill down levels. You can limit these drill down levels by metrics and included or excluded from your reports. For example: limit keyword to show top 10 and filter by clicks.
  7. Click on Save changes. 

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