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Our new Salesforce integrations for TapOrders will automate the syncing of your data from Salesforce to TapClicks and greatly improve your team's user experience.

What's are the benefits of this integration?
This integration will automatically sync your closed/won opportunities to TapOrders so you can create and update your orders. By automating this process. we keep the sales experience consistent and remove a step in the orders process.

We are also creating and syncing all orders so if there are any updates to the opportunities or the line items, we are capturing them and the end users doesn’t need to update two systems.

How do I set-up this integration?

Click into the Integrations tab under ADMIN and add a new Salesforce integration. This will be available under the AVAILABLE integrations section.

Once the Integration has been chosen, you will need to:

  • Enter your credentials
  • Configuring the import details around how to align new clients to Business Units and by what fields we should be assigning salespeople and clients

Once the wizard has been completed, you will be able to view the Salesforce integration in the setup integrations section.

We will automatically refresh this data everyday, but you also have the ability to refresh/resync your Salesforce Client and Order data on demand.


If you ever need to edit your Salesforce configuration or update your credentials, simply click on View Assigning.


When creating a new assigning, you will be able to create an Order, Product or Client assigning.  


You can input your Salesforce fields on the left side and map them directly to existing TapClicks' fields. In an effort to simplify the assigning process, all available fields, custom and standard, will be available for selecting on the Tapclicks assigning side.

As always, you have the ability to delete this integration.