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FAQ - Smart Connector

FAQ - Smart Connector

Import Wizard Overview

The Import Wizard brings data into your dashboards from Data Sources we have yet to integrate with directly or from custom spreadsheet or source. With Import Wizard, you essentially create your own service within TapClicks.

Prepare Your Data

Before you can import the data, you'll need to ensure it's in a format that the Import Wizard can read.
  • Files need to be in the format of .csv or .xlsx
  • The files do not require formatting within the cells
  • The first row of your file is considered the Header Row--this is where you will name each of your columns
  • The names that you give your headers should only contain letters and spaces. The Import Wizard doesn’t support special characters during import. 
  • The data within the file has to be broken out by day
  • The name of your file should be the name of your Import wizard followed by the date.
    • Example_04-05-2016.csv
  • The file needs to live on an FTP, SFTP, Google Drive or a Dropbox account for Import Wizard to access it successfully
  • Each type of data you connect to the Import Wizard should be stored in its own folder. For example, lead data and sales data should have separate folders within Google Drive. 

Setting Up the Import Wizard

  1. Click on Administration
  2. Click on Import Wizard 
  3. Click on the plus sign (+) next to the Import Wizard header
  4. Choose a Name for your Import Wizard. Please note that it can only be letters and spaces, no special characters.
  5. Choose what Color you want the tile to be
  6. Click on the colored square to change the image for the tile
  7. Choose whether or not the connection will be active
  8. Click on Select sample file to browse for a file that contains the headers you want. The Data Fields in the setup will then populate based off that file.
  9. Alter the Field type as you need to
  10. Mark one field to be Used for AssigningUnique field, the Name field, and the Date range. These fields are required for your upload to be successful. 
  11. Choose what fields are metrics and what type of Operation happens to total them (sum or average).
  12. Choose what fields are required in order for the file to be pulled in. Usually people leave this as all of the fields
  13. Create your Drilldown/view name

Setting Up the Import Wizard from tapClicks on Vimeo.

File Delivery

  1. Choose what Delivery type you will be using: FTP, SFTP, Google Drive, Dropbox
  2. Type in what the Data file directory is. It should be forward slash ( / ) and then the folder name where the files live. Please note that this is a Case Sensitive field.
  3. Choose what File data format you intend to use. This will dictate how the date is formatted at the end of the file name.
  4. Enter an Email address for the person who will get alerts about uploads
  5. Click Save changes


  • If everything from above is completed correctly, you will see an arrow appear on the right hand side of the window
  • Clicking on that arrow will bring you to the Manage Data Source screen
  • Follow the same steps you would for assigning a client.
  • For more information about assigning clients see our article Creating and Assigning Your First Client

Import Wizard File Delivery & Assigning from TapClicks.