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Connecting DataXu in TapClicks

DataXu - Initial Setup

The connector we have for DataXu is a S3 connection that will pull data into TapClicks via a single file that gets delivered daily by the team at DataXu. Along those lines in order to create the individual data views we use unique combinations of dimensions to parse the data out of the single file. By default there are four views a user will get upon connection.

  • Campaigns
  • Tactics
  • Flights
  • Creatives

Below illustrates how one should go about requesting a new connection between DataXu and TapClicks. Feel free to email [email protected] with any and all questions that you have around this process.

  1. Mutual Client wants their DataXu data in TapClicks
    • Client submits a request via email to their DataXu CSM and cc’s TapClicks AM & [email protected]
    • Client can send this template that shows which fields are required for TapClicks
      • Note that the template will populate the four standard views
      • Columns in the report template must be exact to work with the connection between TapClicks and DataXu without any variations
      • These must be included in the reports even if a client doesn’t desire to report on them - the UI of TapAnalytics will allow the client to build visualizations to their needs
  2. DataXu setups Amazon S3 folder & file delivery
    • The Folder Name = [string]
    • The Mapping File Naming Convention  = "metadata_[string].csv"
    • The Data File  = "[string]_daily_tapclicks_YYYY-MM-DD.csv"
    • Example:
      • The Folder Name = "autoflyte_cR2VggxMaHnTvaNe"
      • The Mapping File Naming Convention = "metadata_autoflyte_cR2VggxMaHnTvaNe.csv"
      • The Data File = "autoflyte_cR2VggxMaHnTvaNe_daily_tapclicks_YYYY-MM-DD.csv"
  3.  DataXu provides client with “Credentials” = [String]
    • Only provide the client with credentials once first set of files are in the S3 folder


  • Cost Metrics must be in Microdollars for consistency (added 12/12/2017)
  • DataXu provided files must have a field for “created_dt” as the first column in the file provided - this indicates what day that row is associated with in TapAnalytics, even though this is not exposed in the UI

DataXu - Additional Data Views

In order to allow for ease of connection TapClicks has built out eight additional views that are supported by additional fields that can be added to DataXu files.  If these “predefined views” meet the reporting need, one can reach out to a DataXu Representative to request that the specific fields are added to existing files. Once these are present in the files TapClicks can enable the view(s) on the client’s TapAnalytics Instance!

If the data that a client is looking for is not included in the predefined views today, then TapClicks can go through the standard process of creating an additional views or adding additional fields. The flow for both types of requests are depicted by the chart below.


  • Page Details
    • page_url
  • Device and Browsers
    • user_agent
    • device_type_name
  • Activity
    • transaction_id
    • activity_pixel_id
    • price
    • sku
    • activity_name
  • Geo
    • dma_name_code
    • region_name_code
    • country_name_code
    • postal_code
    • metrocode_code
    • region_code
    • country_code
  • Application
    • campaign_start
    • campaign_end
    • domain
    • flight_start
    • flight_end
    • app
  • Device and Vendor
    • device_type_name
    • device_vendor_name
  • Audience
    • audience_name
  • Time of Day
    • time_of_day
    • day_quartile

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