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Visualizing Your Data

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Configuring Simpli.fi in TapClicks 


Simpli.fi is a Programmatic Marketing Platform (PMP), which enables the efficient purchase of highly-targeted impressions on multiple Real-Time Bidding (RTB) advertising exchanges. With Simpli.fi, programmatic marketers can use unstructured data to extract unlimited value from display and mobile advertising.


For configuring Simpli.fi in TapAnalytics platform, start by copying FTP or API key from Simpli.fi

  1. Log in to Simpli.fi using valid credentials.

  2. Navigate to the Account Name in the top right corner to show your Settings section and click My Account

  3. From this screen, click on API Key in the left navigation to see your API Key.  Copy and paste it in Notepad or write it down on a piece of paper, you’ll need to enter it in TapAnalytics

    If you only manage one organization, you can stop here.  If you manage multiple organizations, you may need to also make a note of your Platform / Organization IDs for reference

  4. Click your Account Name in the top right corner of your Simpli.fi Screen to open Settings and navigate to Organizations

Note: Search for the required Organization, find the Org ID (usually placed next to the Organization name) and write it down on a piece of paper or in a notepad.  


Remember, this is for top level organizations only - there are plenty of publishers and enterprises that do not have to take this step because all their Companies, Clients, Campaigns are all housed under a single Organization.  If you are unsure if you need to take this step, connect first without the Platform ID and see if all your data is available to map. If it is, you’re done! If not, you may need to bring in any of the missing data through a dedicated Platform ID.

After copying information from Simpli.fi, log in to TapAnalytics by using valid credentials. In the left pane, click Manage Data Sources or use the plug icon in the left navigation near the instance logo

Note: If you don’t see these options, you might not have the right level of access to take this step - please contact your TapAnalytics administrator for assistance.

  1. In the right pane, scroll down to find Simpli.fi and click the tile. 

    2. In the Add Account window, enter the details which you have copied from Simpli.fi and click Add Account.

    Now the connection between Simpli.fi and TapAnalytics is complete. Your TapAnalytics account will be able to pull data from Simpli.fi account.   


    From here, you can assign Simpli.fi Companies and Clients directly to TapAnalytics Client records in a similar manner to other TapAnalytics connections.  Once you’ve assigned the data, make sure to click Update Dashboard to have the system start to bring that data into the dashboard. 


    Remember, the first time you make this connection, it might take a few hours to bring in the historical data you’re looking for, so check back after a little bit of time.  


    Now on, you will be able to use all features of TapAnalytics to generate and classify the data as per your campaign needs. You can schedule a report and change the look and feel of the report by using the options in the left pane.

    You can also change the report dates, select a Client using the options in the top ribbon. Please refer to Knowledge Based articles Visualizing Your Data and Customize Your Reports & Dashboards with Data Profiles for more details.  

    You can use recently added features like Report Studio to create a very attractive report. Your client will be in a great position to access the progress of the campaign and take right decisions at the right time.