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Client Status Definitions

In the Clients section of the dashboard we created three different statuses that allow you to mark where in the process your clients are in the life cycle. The statuses are Pending assigning, Active and Terminated. You will notice that going forward there is no option to delete, this was done to help you maintain a history for the client and allow for audits. 

Pending Assigning

  • This is for new clients who never have had any assigning.
  • Facts and Functions:
    • Clients in this status will not be billable clients
    • Once a client is moved from Pending assigning it cannot be put back 
    • Clients in Pending Status will show up in the existing clients drop down menu when you are assigning for a given service
    • Clients in Pending assigning will appear in the menu for viewing as a client but will show a screen stating that there are no connections
    • Once a Client who is in Pending assigning status is assigned to a assigning (campaign) the system will automatically change the status to Active


  • This is for any and all clients that you are actively reporting and pulling data for within TapClicks
  • Facts and Functions:
    • All clients in this status are billable!
    • You will be able to map new campaigns to these clients, pull reports, schedule reports and have users associated with them.


  • This is the new “delete” for your clients
  • Facts and Functions:
    • All Terminated Clients get their Report Scheduler and margin rules deleted as well as their assigning unassigned automatically
    • Their data will no longer appear in the various sections of the dashboard. i.e. Data Sources overview, drilldowns, widgets, reports and in the campaigns tab
    • Can be made Active again if needed
    • If a client is moved from Terminated back to Active status, any previously fetched data will still show within the platform and the client will become billable again, but until the client is mapped back to their Data Sources no new data will be retrieved.
    • If a user does not know a client is terminated and attempts to recreate the client with the same naming convention an error will occur stating that a company with that name already exists

All Active

  • This is not a status option but rather a view that will allow you to see all clients who are both Pending Assigning and Active