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Client Status Definitions - TapOrders &TapWorkflow

In the clients section of the dashboard we created four statuses that allow you to mark where in the process the client is. These statuses are Pre-Sale, Active, Inactive, and Terminated. You will notice that there is still no option to delete; this is to allow you to maintain a history for the client and allow you to audit.


  • Customer is created and has NEVER had an order created
  • Is considered pending save of an order to be marked active.
  • Use Case: Customers have not been mapped in TapReports/TapAnalytics, but still have orders assigned to them.
  • Users will not yet have any access to the TapClicks dashboard


  • System increments status from Presale to Active as soon as first order is saved for that client


  • Inactive status will be set automatically when Customer is deleted
  • Denotes the client is no longer advertising with the agency/publisher
  • Customer is never removed from the Orders – Inactive clients are available in the client dropdown for new orders. Creating a new order will move the status of this client back to Active
  • Billing uniqueness is still maintained while this client is in the system


  • Denotes “deletion” of client record
  • User will no longer appear in any dropdowns for creating new orders
  • User’s previous activity will still appear on reports in Orders/Workflow
  • Terminated users are tracked in the user list for agency users. We post-append “- Terminated” to the user name to make it clear. (“[UserName] – Terminated”)
  • Billing Id and Uniqueness constraints no longer apply (we append a key to indicate this billing id belongs to a terminated client
  • Cannot view as client
  • Only Super Admins and Business Unit Admins can see Terminated Clients in Users List