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Centro DSP Hierarchy Change Notes - TapAnalytics

Brianne Engelson, TapClicks October 2016

This document outlines the changes within the TapAnalytics platform as a result of the Centro DSP hierarchy changes. The Centro DSP changes include moving from a free-form structure of folders, to a standardized structure of Brands.

These changes will go into effect on Friday morning, November 11th.

Impact on TapAnalytics

TapAnalytics employs 2 level ‘assigning’ (the act of connecting data from a source to a Client record in TA)
  • Hierarchy Today – connect either a Centro DSP Folder or a Centro DSP Campaign in TapAnalytics
  • Future Hierarchy – connect either a Centro DSP Brand or a Centro DSP Campaign in TapAnalytics

How will this change impact my clients?

TapClicks and Centro have worked very closely together in order to make this change as seamless for our mutual customers as possible.

Centro has provided sample accounts that mirror the hierarchy changes in question and TapAnalytics has written migration scripts that will automatically handle the switch from Folders to Brands.
  • Anything that is currently mapped in TapAnalytics under the Folder / Campaign Structure will be migrated to the new Brand / Campaign structure.
  • Any new Brands or Campaigns that are created after the migration within Centro DSP will need to be connected in the TapAnalytics system before data will be pulled for those entities

What if my client has not been migrated to the new Centro DSP structure?

Once the migration takes place in TapAnalytics, Centro DSP Folders will no longer be presented to any users in the Manage Data Sources screen.

This means that if your client is still in the Folder structure, they will not be able to connect any new Folders or any Campaigns under those Folders until they are migrated to an owning Brand.

Will there be any downtime?

Centro will be migrating accounts to the Brand structure on November 9th. During this time, there may be service interruption or data load interruption. TapClicks will push the changes after business hours PST on Thursday November 10th and then will run the migration scripts after the code changes are in place. TapClicks will monitor these scripts and once complete, will spot check production dashboards to confirm that all is working as expected.

If for some reason a client does log in while the migration scripts are running, they may see assigning missing from the Manage Data Sources screen – this is expected, as the script will roll through and reconnect everything under the new structure.

Once complete, TapClicks will send an update to Centro with a “good to go”. Once all the changes are in place, any data loading gaps will be filled.

Will there be any impact on data loading?

There will be limited or no impact on data loading - while the Centro Accounts are migrated between November 9th and November 10th, there may be data loading interruptions for accounts that move to the Brand structure.

Because this is a patch release to production and impacts a number of clients, we want to handle these migration scripts with care. The Friday, November 11th data fetch will depend on the time needed to complete the scripts – the daily fetches typically kick off at 6am EST and could be pushed back depending on the progression of those scripts.

Once the scripts complete and data starts loading Friday, any data gaps will be filled.

What if something goes wrong?

As an added precaution, on Wednesday November 9th TapClicks will log into each of the production dashboards that are connected and download backup assigning lists. These documents will act as a record to check the migrations against.

If something goes wrong, TapClicks & Centro DSP will decide together whether to revert back to the Folder / Campaign structure or move forward to the Brand / Campaign structure by manually assigning any affected clients.

TapClicks and Centro will have open lines of communication during this process to ensure all parties are up to date.

Reference Screens

Hierarchy Today

Below represents a Demo Dashboard with assigning under the Folder / Campaign structure, before migration scripts ran.

Future Hierarchy

Below represents a Demo Dashboard with assigning under the Brand / Campaign structure, before migration scripts ran.

Note that "Folder" has changed to "Brand"
Anything that was previously connected is still connected is still connected.
"Folders" no longer appear, we've moved exclusively to "Brands"