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Bulk Import/Export of Clients 

This feature allows you to both add and edit clients in bulk as well as export a full list of all the clients you have in the dashboard. 

Importing Clients

  1. Click on Administration.
  2. Click on Clients.
  3. Click on the Import CSV button next to the Clients header
  4. Click to Download CSV headers
  5. Open the file that downloads
  6. Fill in at least the two required fields for each new client
    1. Company Name
    2. Default Data Profile​
  7. Fill in any additional fields you may want for each client
  8. Save the file to your computer
  9. Go back to your dashboard
  10. Click Select CSV file
  11. Find the file you just saved and select it
  12. Click Upload
  13. A summary will appear to show you what succeeded and what failed with a reason why
  14. Click Close and you are done!

Exporting Clients

  1. Click on Administration
  2. Click on Clients
  3. Click on Export to CSV
  4. What downloads is a full listing of all clients in the dashboard with their details

Note you can download this list and edit existing clients in bulk. Just be sure that when you are doing so you DO NOT ALTER the Client ID as it is generated by our system and how we determine what needs updating versus what is new. Also make sure that all entries maintain a Company Name and a Default Data Profile​