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Visualizing Your Data

Visualizing Your Data

FAQ - Visualizing Your Data


In the previous month’s release we announced the ability to use attributes from the Client record as group by’s in the widgets. This allowed you to group activity by Client Additional fields or by Billing Ids or other Client attributes. With this release we’ve extended this further to include grouping by Business Units, Account Managers, Client Category, City, State or Zip codes. This will enable you to have more visibility and see where things are working well and where improvements need to be made.


In the following example I have loaded address information for a variety of clients (this is easier with the Salesforce or Flat file client integrations) and you can see how that data might be used to segment customers.

Additionally using the Client Category association allows me to segment and group my widgets based on their industry categorization. This provides true insights into performance along industry channels.


Adding value to our agency and media partner business analytics adds significant value above and beyond client level reporting, ensuring we are able to deliver on our value proposition.


Here is an example of a widget grouped by Industry designation and drilling into the city for the client.


Here is another example of grouping by Client Category and evaluating the 10-second views by Industry.


This greatly expands on the capabilities for using TapAnalytics for business insights.